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Ceramic bearing hub, CX-Ray spoke upgrade


The Ceramic version comes with ultralight titanium skewers and 20/24 Sapim CX-Ray spokes for weight savings and aerodynamics. It is available in 2 lacing options - standard 12 on each side, OR 2:1 16 drive side and 8 non-drive side (which means that the spokes are more evenly tensioned like a Campagnolo G3 rear wheel).

Weight saving is about 120g - that's 58g for the wheels themselves, and about that again for Ti QRs, which are the lightest that we've come across but are very reliable and useable.

OR.....   for something really special, to drop that last 30g of rotating mass, you can spec any wheel with Sapim 'Super Spokes'.  These are a very special spoke that are difficult to build with, but the resulting wheel is very strong for its weight.  Buy this upgrade twice to build with them (yes, it is $140 more than CX-Ray to build with these spokes, but that's price you pay at the pointy end of the bike componentry - ask us how much to upgrade to Extralite hubs if you're really into that kinda thing!)

If you would like to upgrade your mtb, cyclocross or disc road wheels to a lighter build, please message us, we have lots of options!

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