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Flashlight mounts for handlebar and helmet mounting


These mounts are all designed for flashlights of roughly 1 inch (~25mm) diameter to be mounted on either standard or oversize handlebars.  The first 2 mounts are also adaptable to different sized flashlights and mounting positions.

1 - Rotateable O-Ring mount.
A very versatile mount using the rubber O-ring and hook system found on our bike lights.  It is rotatable 360 degrees and can be used with different length rings (which can even be chained together), which means it can be mounted in many positions over the bike and the helmet (as seen in the second picture).

2 - Velcro mount.
The second most versatile mount, and perhaps neater than the O-ring mount.  The mount pictured is a 90 degree mount for mounting on any handlebar as well as helmets that have a lateral section to grip around (as seen on the right of the third picture).  This is the version that will be sent as default.
There is also a version with both upper and lower parts facing the same way, for mounting on the bike's headstem or a helmet's centre "spine" that is often found nearer the top back of vented helmets (as seen on the left of the third picture).  Leave a message in your order if that is the version that you'd like.

3 - Handlebar clip mount.
Bolt this mount to you handlebar and have the convenience of quickly clipping a torch on and off your bike.  Works with the Crelant torches sold on this site, and many other torches that have adopted the 1 inch body diameter.

4 - Handlebar barrel mount.
A secure mount that tightens to both the handlebar and flashlight with thumbscrews.  It can hold the light further in front of behind the handlebar than other mounts.  Fits 1 inch diameter flashlights.

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