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RESPECT Rear Light (complete with battery)

$68.00 $78.00

You won't appreciate the difference a really bright tail-light makes until you use one (or until it's too late!). Thanks to 2 of the brightest red LEDs available, this light puts out such a strong beam that it's designed to point slightly downwards and create a red glow around the back wheel and behind the bike.  This gives great visibility from all angles, and helps other road users perceive what they are actually passing.

And of course it's visible from a huge distance for traffic behind, even during the day .  Collisions between cars and cyclists happen at all times of day and night, so please consider protecting yourself and your loved ones with a light that is really up to the task.

It has 4 regular modes to choose from that offer the best combination of extremely high visibility, while not dazzling other road users. Compare this to your regular light that manages to be pretty dazzling at times, while being barely visible at other times (like during the day or from the sides). With the FiBROUS RESPECT, not only will drivers always notice you, but the solid LED allows the driver to gauge your distance much easier.

It's called the 'RESPECT', because that's what you'll get from car drivers.  No longer will drivers tend to overtake with small gaps, even when there are cars coming the other way and/or blind corners. Drivers are much more likely to wait until it is safe. So you can either change the mindset of every single car driver, or get one of these lights!

To ensure your safety if the battery gets low, the light will slip into survival mode that’s still very visible, and can stretch battery life to 100 hours !

150 lumens  - it might not sound much compared to front lights, but this is a lot for red LEDs. Most rear lights are lucky to get about 5 lumens.  While there are some brighter lights coming out now, at best they will just have one of these new super-bright red LEDs and put out about 60 - 75 lumens.  We have done everything we can to bring the pricing of this amazing light down to compete with the cheapest of these brighter lights, despite having double the lumens and several times the runtimes.
Also beware that even some of the more reputable bike light companies are grossly overstating their rear light outputs.  If you reckon you've got a pretty bright rear light, drop us a line to arrange a side-by-side comparison with the RESPECT.

3 year warranty.

The rear light unit is also available with just a a Y-cable to work with one of the FiBROUS front lights for $48.

The light is designed to strap around the seatpost with either (or both) of the 2 sizes of fluoro rings supplied.  But if that doesn't suit your bike, then there are probably a hundred other possible mounting options!  FiBROUS lights can be fitted with "GoPro" camera stye mounts, which opens up a huge amount of mounting options.  Saddle rails GoPro mounts are a particularly good with this light.  But even the standard mount can be adapted to many positions as well.  Tell us about your bike setup and we will work something out.

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