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FiBROUS 24, 30 and 38mm Carbon Clincher Wheelsets


Very lightweight, comfortable and strong wheels for traversing every road you ride at the highest speed possible.

Weights get down to 1220 grams (yes, that's the weight of a FiBROUS 24mm clincher wheelset, with the ceramic/cx-ray upgrade, strong and reliable for daily use)!

All have wide rims which reduces flex and allows more air into your tyre, so you can have the ride of a bigger, cushier tyre without the extra weight.  The 30x25mm wheels take this even further, by using an even wider rim and adding the ability to use tubeless tyres, which increases comfort even further.

The width also reduces flex, which along with the fancy grades of carbon and advanced contrustion techniques means these wheels are very laterally stiff.

Check out these specs:

24mm (23mm wide) Carbon Clincher Wheelset
 - Weight: 1302g  (1220g with ceramic/cxray upgrade)
 - Internal nipples, for an aerodynamic and stronger wheel.  Having the nipple on the inside not only means that the rim can have a smaller hole, the internal nipple can actually point in the direction of the spoke, which means the spoke doesn't have to bend (as it does in conventional wheels, believe it or not).  Strength and stiffness are the main benefits of this build, and this wheelset will challenge what you may think about very lightweight clincher wheels!

30mm (25mm wide) Carbon Clincher Wheelset
 - Weight: 1398g (1340g with ceramic/cxray upgrade)
 - Aerodynamic U-shape profile that directs air better over the whole bike.
 - Tubeless compatible - features a lip in the tyre bed to lock the tyre in place.
 - No holes in the tyre bed means you never have to worry about rim stips again, which saves weight and also means the rim is stronger and stiffer (carbon fibre is much stronger without holes!).  You also know you have completely airtight tyre bed if you run tubeless.

38mm (23mm wide) Carbon Clincher Wheelset  
 - Weight: 1365g (1307g with ceramic/cxray upgrade)
 - No holes in the tyre bed as above.

30/38mm Mixed Wheelset
 - Weight: 1381g (1323g with ceramic/cxray upgrade)
 - Mixing your wheeset makes sense, because your front and rear wheels are effected by air differently.  The wide 30x25mm front wheel directs air out more, so it can flow over the rest of your bike better, while it is a relatively easy wheel to deal with in cross winds.  The 38x23mm suits the rear because the rear wheel needs to be stronger, while cross winds are less of a problem, and the deeper rim helps reduce turbulence.

For road disc and cyclocross wheels, these same rims are available, as well as disc specific rims. Please buy these from the "MTB, Cyclocross and Road Disc" page.

All rims feature:

- High-end UD carbon rims with a mix of exclusive carbon fibres like t1000, m60J and MR60.

- Basalt brake track, paired with rubber or ceramic-based brake pads (included with wheels) deliver strong braking performance.

- High temperature-resistant resins, meaning that the carbon clinchers can handle longs descents with confidence, even at temperature above 220 degrees C.

FiBROUS uses very high performance, quality hubs made for us by Bitex.  They feature ultra low weight and a super quick engagement 48-point freehub.  You may not have heard of Bitex, because many larger companies will rebrand them as their own.

Wheels are laced with 28 Sapim Race spokes on the rear (radial and 2X) and 24 Sapim aerodynamic spokes on the front - these are an OEM version of the brilliant CX-Ray, with a square section rather than elliptical, offering the same weight and dimensions as the CX-Ray at a lower pricepoint.

All road wheels can be built with Chris King, DT Swiss 240 or 350, or even super-exotic Extralite hubs for competitive prices.  We can also custom build wheels with your choice of hubs, or supply any of the components listed (i.e. rims, spokes or hubs) for you to build your own wheels if that's what you're into.

Team custom decals are available on enquiry.  Please message for more information.
The 38mm wheels with "GO VEGAN" green decals (3rd picture) are currently on special for $840.

Shipping is worked out for each individual order, to offer the best value and security. We can offer most South Australian orders a free personal delivery, or a meeting place arranged.

FiBROUS rims and wheels are made to order. Build time is usually about 3 weeks. We realise this is quite a while to wait for your fancy new wheels, but this is how we are able to offer a huge range of build options. On top of the rim and hub options, there is the option to have your wheels custom-spoked if you have a preference for wheels that are particularly stiff/strong, aerodynamic or lightweight (pick any 2 of the 3). There is a box below to enter this preference (if any). Or leave blank if you are happy with the standard spoking, which is a good compromise of all attributes for most people. Telling us your weight will help as well, if you like (heavy riders are well catered for by FiBROUS, just let us know!). Also leave the box blank if you are getting the Ceramic/ CX-Ray upgrade, which is a very lightweight build. Alternatively please leave a contact number/email to discuss rim, spoke or hub choice in more detail.

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