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FiBROUS RACE Road and Road Disc framesets


***Please note that with the introduction of the new AERO frameset, we have changed the name of this to RACE, because we feel that it holds the middle ground between a lightweight climber like the KOM and a flat-out aero frame, making it suitable for a good range of race conditions.***

This frame can be custom built by FiBROUS to suit your needs.  Shimano 105 11sp builds average about $1700.  A top notch SRAM Red or Campag Record build with carbon everything (including our very special wheels) is about $3900 - compare to $7000-$13000 from other brands.  Please email or call to discuss your perfect build.

The RACE frame blends lightweight design with aerodynamic elements that actually work, for a bike that is faster in the greatest variety of conditions.  Weight ranges from 1.0kg to 1.2kg for this frame.

The huge pointed shapes around the head-tube and bottom bracket, with the big square down-tube that connects them, serve the double-purpose of directing the airflow and increasing stiffness.  It represents a more wholistic approach to aerodynamics, accounting for the aerodynamic profile of the whole bike and rider.  The rear end is tuned for stiffness and aerodynamics, with some compliance allowed in the seat-stays.

The BB86 bottom bracket standard was chosen for this frame to provide a solid, wide and creak-free interface with the cranks, or there is still the option to have the trusted BSA68 thread.

Available in 2 versions:
- Standard road version, for standard caliper brakes and QR wheels.
- Disc brake version, for flat mount disc brakes (adaptable to standard disc brakes) and 142*12mm / 100*15mm thru-axle wheels.

The frameset package is finished with lightweight aerofoil shaped forks and seat-post.  Headset and seatpost collar are also included.

Sizing information (Please click on the geometry chart image for a larger view):

Disc version geometry isn't displayed here yet.  There are 8 sizes, fairly similar to those in the chart and discussed below.  Please message us for more information.

To allow the broadest range of cyclists to experience the benefits of this frame and get the perfect fit, the RACE (standard version) is available in 10 sizes.  This means that many riders will have a choice of frame sizes due to the overlap in the suggested height ranges listed in the geometry chart, in which case the following points may help decide which size suits you best:

The 47, 50 and 54cm frames are highlighted with red backgrounds in the chart because they are optimised towards race geometry.  They allow a lower, more aggressive and aerodynamic position for the rider, but not extreme enough to exlude being able to build the bike for most of us less-than-super-flexible cy clists.

The 43, 48, 52 and 58cm frames are highlighted with green backgrounds in the chart because they are subtly optimised towards comfort/sport geometry.  So they can be built with an upright handlebar position, while still being able to set up for aerodynamic riding if you have the stem angled down with no spacers underneath.

The 45, 56 and 60cm frames have neutral road geometry somewhere between the two styles listed above.

In any case, it is suggested that you contact us (using the button below or calling Lars on 0403344711) before making a final decision on a frame.

Shipping is worked out for each individual order, to offer the best value and security. We can offer most South Australian orders a free personal delivery, or a meeting place arranged.  Please contact us to arrange these orders.

Please note any extra preferences for the frame below. This includes the frame finish and bottom bracket style. Press-fit BB86 is the default option, so please tell us if you would like a traditional BSA68mm threaded bottom bracket shell. "UD Matte" is the default finish, so please let us know if you would like a 3K woven and/or glossy finish. Custom paint jobs are also possible. If buying the disc version, just select the most likely size from the regular sizes and make a note below saying you would like the disc version, and we will contact you to work out the best size.

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