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FiBROUS Performance Bikes was established with the vision to make high-performance cycling more affordable and safer.  By buying direct from the manufacturer, FiBROUS avoids the huge mark-ups made by the middlemen and marketers who shift the big brands, cyclists now have access to the highest quality gear at a fair price, backed by excellent service and warranty, while offering a fair price to the manufacturer too.

FiBROUS Bikes sells bike lights as well as carbon fibre bikes, wheels and components direct to the public.  Recognising that in many cases the best bicycle components often only cost a little more to make than average gear, FiBROUS only sells top level components at prices that are affordable and reasonable for a broad range of cyclists.

The FiBROUS design approach is to combine the best evolutionary and proven design elements into one design.  While the range has some very unique components that can provide real improvements to the cycling experience (and many more designs to come), FiBROUS avoids “Re-inventing the Wheel” for the sake of getting attention which is unfortunately all too common in this industry.

The range of FiBROUS lights and the carbon fibre components all represent great value for money and brilliant design.  New, exciting products are under always in development, please get in touch to hear the latest.  There is a new high performance commuting and touring frame being developed, as well as a whole new range of lights.

The founder of FiBROUS, Lars Uellendahl, is available to personally talk you through all options available in the bicycle market, to help you find your ideal setup for your bike.  As word of the of the FiBROUS range reach a broader audience, there is no doubt FiBROUS will expand.  But it is critical to FiBROUS that the business keeps a personal approach and product integrity, with the founder, Lars Uellendahl, remaining involved in every stage from design through to sales.  Lars and his family will always be the face of the company by offering product usage and feature guides on community pages and youtube, etc.